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Optimal Beginnings


Good Nutrition is one of the most powerful things you can do as a mother.  Taking good care of yourself IS taking good care of your baby.  After your baby is born, taking good care of yourself IS taking good care of your family.  A well nourished mother is more stable mentally and emotionally.  It is especially important for mothers to nourish and replenish their bodies between pregnancies.  When you eat well, your baby tastes your food choices first in utero and later in your breastmilk, acclimating them to healthy foods.


Foundational Nutrition Principles:


1. Eat food that nourishes and strengthens your microbiomef.  Daily meat broth is an inexpensive and incredibly effective way to heal and seal the lining of your gut.  This helps to prevent and resolve food sensitivities and gut discomfort. Mental and emotional health is strongly related to your gut health.


2. Eat plenty of nourishing animal sourced protein!  Aim for 100 grams of protein a day while pregnant and nursing.


3. Eat cleasnsing vegetables.  Vegetables help to sweep up the garbage and take out the trash in your body. 


4. Drink clean, filtered water.  Aim for 100oz a day.  You might not get that much in, but you'll get more in than if you didn't try.  It's especially helpful to drink water with the chlorine filtered out.


5. Supplement with whole food vitamins and minerals to compensate for the low mineral content of modern food grown on depleted soils. During pregnancy we recommend: 


Multivitamin (to cover your basic daily needs)

Digestive enzymes (take at the beginning of each meal to help you better break down and absorb your meals).

Probiotic (to improve the culture of your microbiome)

Essential Fatty Acids (

Iron (to support your body's doubling blood volume)





Plenty of Food


Please do what you need to do to get access to plenty of food!  There are several major resources for free food in our community with an emphasis on women and children. The nutrition you get during pregnancy lays a foundation for your child's health for the remainder of their life.  Frequently, when we are in our childbearing years we don't have a lot of money for food.  For this reason, I highly recommend accessing the following resources as needed.  You and your children deserve the best nutrition you can get!


WIC (Women/Infants/Children)


SNAP (Food Stamps)



Mesa County

Delta County


Montrose County

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